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You can have the world’s best site but how do you attract the right people to it? We can help your prime targets find you. BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group uses the latest Web technologies to ensure that top search engines find your site amongst the Babel of competing sites. Our search engine marketing specialists are trained in the art of Search Engine Optimization. We offer Site Placement, Search Engine Copywriting, Link Building, Online Branding, Traffic and Click-Through Analysis and much more. We design and implement Web banners and advertisements along with affiliate tracking programs to determine the return on investment of each online marketing campaign or internet marketing efforts. In addition,BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group offers search engine marketing seminars tailored to teaching your staff the importance of optimization and the proven techniques to rank well in the Search Engines. BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group Self-Maintenance Module allows you to encourage the same visitors to come back time after time. From Web to print to voice advertisement, BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group can help bring the customers to you.

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Online Surveys And Analytics

Total reliance on Web analytics data can be likened to driving down a road at full speed while only looking in the rear-view mirror. You can tell where you’ve been, but you don’t know what’s about to happen. Getting beyond the “what” and more into “why” enables you to predict where the business is going. To do this, you must learn why your customers do what they do and how they feel about it.

Surveys are one of the most common methods of understanding what customers think and how they feel. Developments in usability and affordability of online research tools make conducting research among a customer base easier than ever. However, there’s a huge difference between deploying surveys that generate useful insight and pulling together a few questions or doing a site poll.

Traditional market research concerns about possible biases from conducting research using online methods aren’t relevant to online businesses. If customers do business online, they’re likely able to be researched using online methods.

Online research can have many advantages over more traditional approaches, such as face-to-face interviews and telephone surveys. First, costs are dramatically reduced, as it’s much easier to actually collect data in the first place. Typically, the actual costs of online data collection can be half the overall costs of a market research study using face-to-face or telephone data methods.