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Planning & Strategy

We have identified a common problem with many Web projects: failure to plan. The same issues come up repeatedly in our work.

Website Development & Graphic Design

We have more than 15 years of experience.

Mobile Apps

90% of U.S. customers have their mobile devices within reach 24/7.

Surveys and Analytics

75% of mobile users are using their mobile devices for shopping.

Key Features


BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group provides professional website design, development and maintenance services. Our skilled web designers and developers accomplish various website projects from brochure sites to multi-functional web portals. BlaxBox Website Design has a large pool of resources and the required business and technical expertise to develop websites of any complexity. We provide complete front-end and back-end development based on the latest technologies and industry trends.


Excessive diversity of business applications and software on the market in recent years has created a minor chaos within the enterprise IT systems. Incongruous operating systems and distributed applications installed on diverse hardware, with hundreds of different types of messages being sent and received simultaneously from the web and inside the organization require businesses to devote special attention to application integration possibilities.


Going Mobile? We design advanced mobile solutions for business, communication, social networking and entertainment.

  • We specialize in mobile clients to web services and web portals
  • We develop autonomous mobile applications
  • We build end-to-end mobility solutions

Our technology competency covers iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. We are proficient in Mobile Web with a specific focus on HTML5 solutions.






Today bringing your business online is a must in an effective business development strategy. Thus more and more sensitive data is moving to the web which brings new application security and information confidentiality challenges.


BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group has a dedicated department of 20+ usability experts including business analysts, consultants, information architects, and visual designers, who are able to get a 360-degree view of your project and apply the appropriate tools and methods to ensure a clear layout, intuitive usage, transparent navigation, and high interactivity.


In today’s world, when your website is down, your business is at risk. BlaxBox (blackbox) Media Group team with our full-cycle customer support services is always there to ensure your online business thriving.

When you deal with Internet products, you can come across three major maintenance and support challenges. They are:

  • Business Continuity: it is necessary to ensure the company’s continuous thriving.
  • Functionality: the server and operational system need to be functioning fast and bug-free
  • Expertise: it is not always possible (nor reasonable) to have an in-house support team with the experience you need once in a while

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Website Design, Local SEO, and Web Hosting Services

Did you know that every day on the internet:

  • There are 4.75 Billion pieces of content shared
  • There are 1.8 Billion photos uploaded
  • There are 700 Million Snapchats
  • There are 500 Million tweets

Marketing, as we know it, is being transformed right in front of our eyes. More and more messages are being promoted every day, on more channels, and as a result, consumers are learning to simply tune out the noise.

Because of this, brands must leverage content marketing to deliver the useful information necessary to educate and build trust with their audiences. But they often fail to document what they are trying to achieve, how they will get it done, and what measures will prove success.

Branding and Website Design Strategies

Your brand is more than your logo, name or slogan — it’s the entire experience your prospects and customers have with your company, product or service.

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, a promise you make, and the personality you convey. And while it includes your logo, color palette and slogan, those are only creative elements that convey your brand. Instead, your brand lives in every day-to-day interaction you have with your market:

Website Design, Local SEO, and Web Hosting Services

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Website Design, Local SEO, and Web Hosting Services

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